Elle Est Zoë
Elle Est Zoë



Born and bred in Brooklyn, fashion has been in my blood since 54-11's in every color were a closet staple. Since then, I have grown, lived and loved beyond my favorite borough. I've dated a Turk and vacationed in Syria, worked on a trading floor and witnessed a fight, survived downsizing twice, taken a solo honeymoon safari through South Africa, unwittingly lived with a musician/drug dealer met on OKCupid, and donated my eggs enough times that I probably have 8 or 10 biological children despite now having no uterus.

Before Tinder became a hook-up hell,  swiping right led to meeting the love of my life, a French expat, which allowed me to finally put all those years of French study to use. Once we were married in 2017, I was reborn as Zoë, a name fitting a French rockstar.

Photos usually taken by Cedric Lefeuvre unless otherwise noted.