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25 Things About Me

Leslie BurkeComment
25 Things About Me

Since I don't use Facebook, I am not privy that this was a viral thing on there at one point. I have been engrossed in Love Warrior and was inspired to write my own.

1. I am an only child, with no cousins, and I will never have children so that makes me the end of my line. 

2. I like being an only child. When I was about 10, I found a sonogram in my mother's room which showed her uterus. Distraught she was pregnant, I told her any babies brought into the house would be tossed right out the window. It turns out she wasn't pregnant - she had fibroids. 

3. To combat loneliness, I would bring home stray dogs as a child. The adult version of this is fostering which is my new obsession. 

4. I've been in a mental hospital three times. Its not as bad as it sounds. Its more like a vacation for your mind. Being told what to do and when to do it without distractions from the outside world is a form of release.

5. I went to business school because all of my friends were going and I was sick of working. I thought it would be another mental vacation. I was wrong.

6. The first white guy I dated would go on to become a popular DJ and blogger culminating in a spoof on The Boondocks. 

7. People offered me money to take a picture with me in Turkey after I had become tan in Greece because they were in awe of the color of my skin and the fact that I spoke English.

8. My mother wanted me to go to boarding school for a better education away from being raised in Brooklyn. It was there that I learned about eating disorders, chewing tobacco and drugs and succumbed to all of those.

9. I met Assata Shakur at a party in Cuba and was too drunk and in awe to have a meaningful conversation with her. At least I have a picture.

10. I lived in a hotel for part of my time at NYU because they ran out of dorm rooms. There was no room service and maid service is annoying when you regularly like to sleep in until 2pm.

11. When I was a child, I often had to build miniature monuments for school. My mothers way of doing my homework with me since she worked nights was to do it for me instead. She built a gorgeous Eiffel Tower and Pantheon. While my teachers praised my work, I would have preferred something less good if we had done it together.

12. I threatened not to matriculate into college unless I got a new cell phone. This was in 1996 before they were ubiquitous. I got my cell phone.

13. On a business trip with my boss and one of our suppliers (both male) we were driving in the middle of no where and I had to desperately use the restroom. To shut me up, my boss made me go on the side of the road. They don't teach you about this part of managing your bosses expectations in business school.

14. I could start my own Rent the Runway company with my personal wardrobe. I try to get rid of a bag of clothes every few months.

15. I have only met my biological father once. A close friend of my family would become mty godfather at age 6. He was more of a father to me than many biological fathers I know. This example of an absentee father and a substitute made me have higher standards for men in my life, not lower.

16. I didn't start wearing makeup until I was 26 at a boyfriends urging. He was a male model and his Make up Forever professional discount got me hooked.

17. I have been to nearly 30 countries but my dream vacation is gorilla trekking in Uganda. I'm hoping to make it a reality before I am 40.

18. I danced with Kelis while high on ecstasy in 1998 at the Cheetah Club. I still miss the NYC club scene of the 90's, especially the Tunnel.

19. I smoked during most of my early 20's and quit cold turkey to become an egg donor. A whiff of a cigarette still makes me miss smoking. France is hard to visit.

20. I have nearly burnt down places I lived twice from making boiled eggs. I am better at cooking things I need to watch regularly.

21. I went to junior high school in Bushwick, a tough neighborhood in Brooklyn. Bushwick High School kids nearby would come and beat up us younger kids to steal our things. I carried a lead pipe every day to ensure my gold bamboo earrings and Triple Fat Goose coat was not stolen.

22. I can't drive and I took a 10 minute cab ride to class every day during graduate school in Ann Arbor. I knew every driver in town. 

23. I have failed the road test 3 times and I have been afraid to try any more ever since.

24. I am the least hairy person I know and I only shave my legs once a year. 

25. I have two dogs and I love them both but Snoopy is by far my favorite despite the fact that he has bitten my nose nearly off and he pees on everything now that he is old. I pulled him out of his mother (along with his puppy siblings) and I feel like I nearly gave birth to him.