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Dear Little Girl

Leslie BurkeComment
Dear Little Girl

They say age is just a number but there is so much more that comes with each year of experience. Even without trying, its inevitable that you'll bring a new level of awareness to your existence each year. Being the consummate Leo, I've always thought I was perfect just as I am. Just have a look at that head cock in the photo. However, I look back on these old photos and wish there were things I could tell myself. 

1. Don't be jealous of the super hot chick in school. All that male attention will guarantee she is having a kid by the time she is 21. Being a young, poor single mother makes navigating your 20's unreasonably hard.  Be happy all the hot guys don't want you. Being child free is a blessing.

2.  Date more but have less sex. These men don't love you. Exploit them. Take, take take without giving up the goods. You''ll be grateful later.

3. Find your own look. Copying every trend gets old and expensive quickly. In two years you will wonder why you bought that and why did it cost so much. 

4. Practice forgiveness. While being headstrong has come in handy to ensure people don't walk all over me, you have to pick and choose carefully about when to be flexible, say sorry and accept forgiveness. You will regret being in an argument with your grandmother during her death. 

5. Spend more on travel and less on clothes. By the time I started to appreciate travel in my mid 20's, I was no longer comfortable in low level accommodations. The older you get, the more difficult you will get to please.

6. Love can happen more than once. As much as you think "This is the One" if it hurts so much, he is not the one. Bad boys never suddenly turn into good ones.

7. Understand the difference between a job and a career. While a career isn't the most important thing in your life, learning this difference will help you make better decisions about what to do for work. 

8. Write more. Document everything. We sometimes forget the lessons, pain, and triumphs of our past because we are so caught in the middle of our current worries. 

9. Ask for help. You are so proud, you forget there is nothing in this world you do alone. Even if you think you are doing something all by yourself, you aren't. Someone, somewhere has set things up to allow your current experience to be possible.

10. Don't let fear drive any decision making strategies. Even when you didn't know you were jumping into danger, you were safe. So imagine if you had been fearless instead?