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Fall Fitness Goals with Classpass

Leslie BurkeComment
Fall Fitness Goals with Classpass

They say summer bodies are made in winter and to improve my Summer '17 body, I'm keeping up my fitness routine so I can feel even more bikini ready. As I am writing this from France and feeling guilty because I did not have space to pack workout gear, its even more fitting to review my favorite gyms on Classpass. There are a lot of people who are angry with Classpass for increasing their pricing and not being transparent about their growth plans. While I can understand how difficult is has been for early adopters to adjust to new price points, you have to realize business is business and Classpass has to grow to meet investor demands. As I take 27 classes in the average month, even the unlimited price of $190 feel affordable when reviewing on a per class price basis. I typically take my classes at 9:00am - 12:00noon so I also benefit from not competing for the prime morning or after work classes which frankly are too crowded for me. I never shower at the gym because I have too many post shower hair, skin and clothes needs so I won't be focusing on amenities and simply the joy of the workout. 

1. Fhitting Room - I went to college and business school but I love ratchet rap music. Daury's classes at the Fhitting Room keep the playlist bumping with all my favorites from Bobby Shmurda to Fetty Wap. The workout kicks ass too - Daury doesn't accept any half ass burpees or squats.

2. Body by Simone - To ensure I am not bulking up too much, I like to balance my HIIT classes with dance and toning classes at Body by Simone. I especially love classes with Jasmine who happens to be a Knicks dancer but all the instructors are great.

3. Grassroots Fitness - This family run gym in an UWS brownstone is unassuming until you take classes with Juliet. Heather kicks butt as well. Classes are limited to 6 students and they really work form, cardio, balance and strength training.

4. EVF - When I first started going here I thought perhaps the guys would be frat boy meat heads - boy was I wrong. I love all the instructors here especially Jamie , Ryan and Garen. If you don't love dogs, this gym isn't for you as there is often a Shiba Inu in attendance who is the cutest workout inspiration ever.

5. Mile High Run Club - Hollis is the kind of trainer you want to take in your pocket with your everywhere. She is calm and supportive and pushes you to be your best self but also take it a bit easy if you are coming off a previous intense session. I am not runner, but with her motivation my times are consistently improving.

6. Trooper Fitness - I used to take classes with Flex and Prince when they taught at Equinox and I was happy to discover them at their own gym recently. I don't get there often as I hate going to the east side of Manhattan but they are worth the effort in every sense. Small classes allow them to oversee your form and they have the bodies to prove their methods work.

7. Mitchell Wayne - I mostly take his dance classes but he also teaches a Kangoo class at Crunch. His energy is infectious and I always leave his classes exhausted but happy.

8. Pure Yoga Figure 4 - Kate is the inventor of the Figure 4 barre method and her classes are proof of that. She accepts no half assing the positions but comes around to readjust you regularly to really hit the small muscle groups.

9. As One Effect - George is one of the founders here and his is the only class I take. Its also the only gym that has something called Jacob's Ladder. I don't know who Jacob is but after using his ladder I want him dead.

10. Tone House - Tamara is one of the trainers here who I enjoy going to see. As a former track star, her classes use a lot of running as their base but I appreciate the team community this gym strives for. You are only as good as each person you are working with for the day and everyone has to win before you move on. Don't take this class if you think you can shrink and hide in the back.

Bonus 11. Overthrow Boxing Club - I love boxing to get out my aggression and the environment in this class does not disappoint. The dark, hot basement with the red lights really makes you feel like you are beating the crap out of your worst enemy.