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2 Weeks - 1 Valise

Leslie BurkeComment
2 Weeks - 1 Valise

I consider myself an expert packer. Whether I am going away for a month or a week, I always stick to one carry-on and one large purse for toiletries and plane materials. As my love travels nearly every other week for business, I am packing a suitcase several times a month. Since we are taking a domestic flight from Paris to Bordeaux, I had a new challenge for packing for this trip - an international carry-on. Normally, I am used to the larger American carry-on (everything is bigger in America) and have relied on my trusty eBags carry-on backpack to get me through Australia, Turkey, Spain, South Africa, Greece, Syria, and France (on our last France trip we drove or took the train instead of taking domestic flights) just to name a few. I don't care that its not fancy. I don't want to draw attention to myself, especially when abroad and often alone. For this trip I used an Air France luggage which was about 3 inches smaller than I am used to.

As a general rule, I try to plan each day of a vacation. Knowing specific activities helps to ensure you have the right wardrobe. I use an excel spreadsheet and map out each day. This usually equates to two outfits per day (morning and night). I stick to one color scheme. I either take a black purse and shoes or a brown purse and shoes. I also use the Russian doll method for purchases and anything else. For winter trips, I pack several items in my boots. I swear by packing cubes - I love the organization and they are so easy if you are forced to unpack for TSA (this has happened to me more than I care to discuss). Keeping coconut oil as a staple in my toiletry kit is a life saver as it can be used as a facial moisturizer, a hair oil and as a lotion. I always pack my stick makeup versus liquid to circumvent the TSA rules.  

Here is what I packed for France and fit in this tiny luggage for two weeks:

1. 3 James Perse tank dresses - I love how comfortable and easy to wash these dresses are. You can dress them up with heels or wear them with sneakers and a moto for an edgy look.

2. Zimmerman Romper - for a night out, a sexy romper is never a bad idea

3. Thakoon Dress - very fun color wise and it has pockets!

4. Self-Portrait Sheer Panel Dress - another sexy night out dress for Paris

5. Black Skinny Jeans - Obvious choice

6. Two Shirtdresses - I choose a denim and an olive silk which are long sleeve for warmth during breezy evenings and can be dressed up with a striking belt

7. H&M Black Satin Jumper - I love a jumpsuit and black satin can be dressed up or down.

8. Knit Zip Front Skirt - I was surprised to find this at Ann Taylor but the zipper allows you to be modest or sexy depending on how you open it.

9. Sandro romper and tank dress - It seemed obvious to bring one of my favorite French brands to France.

10. Zara V-neck Back Dress - Who travels anymore without something from Zara? Affordable and trendy but not too amazing in case your hotel room is robbed.

11. Parker Faux Wrap Dress - Kim Kardashian has been a fan before Kanye turned her into a turbo thot.

12. ALC Lace Back Twisty Dress - Black Lace makes this dress stand out among a sea of Parisian black.

13. Two pairs of black shoes - one heel and one flat

14. Leather Moto Jacket and Black Purse

On the plane I wore a different metallic moto from Zara, a black tank dress from Banana Republic and my black Air Force 1s which was comfy for the plane and chic enough to start sight seeing the minute we landed.

Below are some of the exact items I packed. I love Kim's previous fashion when she outgrew bandage dresses and wore simple items that flattered her without breaking the bank.